• OpenAI GPT-2 modified by Mr_KrzYch00 for an innovative website front-end support.
  • The AI tries to predict the continuation of the text that has been typed in the INPUT box
  • Generated samples are browser session locked and visible only for that session
  • 1558M model generates 1 sample at a time with 10-token self-input-accumulating micro-samples for a "maximum 1024 tokens" sliding-window-like effect
  • Micro-batches undergo post-processed, allowing more control over the re-feeding micro-batch to input mechanism for outputs longer than 20 tokens
  • All available AI parameters are adjustable: Temperature, TOP_K and TOP_P, with TOP_P having an additional multi-range support
  • The <|endoftext|> token is properly supported in the INPUT box and will be correctly passed to and understood by the AI
  • The amount of tokens detected in the INPUT box is displayed exactly as the AI sees them (functionality integrated within the front-end)
  • Simple tooltip functionality is provided for clarification about each of the functions this website provides
  • Virtual windows on this site can be repositioned and resized freely within the browser window
  • Powered by Nvidia GTX 3060 12GB (barely fits; sampling ~10T/4.5s due to inability to utilize all CUDA cores [auto-regressive decoding])
  • Old projects and stuff here

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    The administrator is not responsible for any input user writes as well as the output the algorithm produces.
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