• OpenAI GPT-2 modified for DB functionality and accessible parameters by Mr_KrzYch00.
  • The AI tries to predict the continuation of the text that has been typed in the Input TEXT window
  • Generated samples are session locked within browser
  • 774M model (fast) and 1558M (slow, not always available) generate 1 sample in real time
  • All parameters are adjustable: Temperature, TOP_K and TOP_P
  • TOP_P is multi-ranged, allowing precise elimination to, for example, shape the output into Human way of writing as close as possible
  • Both models generate and output data in 20 tokens batches, using 1024-tokens sliding window of input+sample
  • Option to disable <|endoftext|>, so that the text is continuous
  • Option to prevent repetitions (new sample+same length part of input+sample to find in 2nd part of processed input+sample -> disallow)
  • Option to Improve continuation, disallow ending sentence as 20th (< if repeats) token
  • Option to Provoke continuation, allow ending sentence only as 1st token
  • Sample generation can be canceled
  • If 774M GPU Mode OOM's 2 times, the input will be continued by 1558M CPU Mode
  • Both models are auto-restarted every 50,000 output tokens returned
  • Mouse-over on each element for the standard OS's tooltip with additional information
  • This site generates no additional costs . . . (no support is required)
  • All windows within this site's view can be repositioned freely. Bottom right corner is used to resizes them
  • Using Nvidia GTX 1660 6GB & AMD Ryzen 1600X
  • Old projects and stuff here

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    The administrator is not responsible for any input user writes as well as the output the algorithm produces.
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